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History of Russell Printing Options Russell Printing Options started in business as Hunter & Hodge Printing in the early 1940s. Then, in 1946, the company was called Hubert E. Hodge Printing Company. The company supported local business with their printing needs, printing in the letterpress era. The company then entered the offset printing process in the 1950s, the technology of cameras and film and offset presses. The company was still printing with letterpress in the early 1990s to some degree. At this time the company was owned by Mary Hodge, daughter-in-law of Hubert E. Hodge, 2nd generation. Mary Hodge then sold the business to Dennis Russell. The business was purchased by Dennis Russell in 1991, and the company was renamed Russell Printing Options, Inc. The company, still supporting the needs of the local economy, started to update the equipment, hiring more employees, and expanding their customer base. Russell Printing Options now offers offset and digital printing. We also offer many prepress services, postpress and mailing services. Our customers now represent many local businesses, some nation-wide customers, and even international accounts. We have been in the printing business our entire career and would like to be partners with your business’s printing needs.
Old Hodge Printing Building
New Russell Printing Building
New and improved Russell Printing Options Building. RPO for short.